Thursday, March 21, 2013

So.... Lets catch up

 So Miss Pieper was turning 9 and she is by far the one child who is clear about certain things that matter the most to her, and until  those things come to pass.... fulfill her agenda.... or she changes her mind... she feels as though her sol duty is to remind my of those things on a daily basis.  She has worn me down all ready and we have several years to go... little does she know I will prevail though just as soon as I get a diet coke!  So she has begged for a horse for so many years and finally the moon, the sun, and the stars aligned and I was able to buy her the horse.... and give him to her for her 9th birthday!  For a girl that has the gift of gab, she was speechless when her dad put a picture down on the table of the horse she would now call hers!  When she stood up and screamed at the top of her lungs, and then in a heartbeat she started to cry..... (oh to be a girl)... she squeezed me tight and proclaimed that her dreams had come true!  I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.  The problem though... if there could really be one..
she did not want to have birthday cake!  Are you kidding me???  She  announced that she no longer had anything to wish for and would need some time to think of something grand and wipe her little tears!

 Then I had a little group therapy over Valentines day when I whipped up some flowers with my friend Leslie.... It may be a hectic holiday for the last minute man, but it was a nice break in my routine to go and create!

Abi's Sweet 16

My son has become a constant fixture over at his friends house for the past couple of years.  They play sports together, kill Magpies together, save wildlife from eminent death at the jaws of the neighborhood dog, and venture out on road trips whenever they can.  My son has a little twinkle in his eye for his friends older sister who just turned 16!  The pressure was daunting to create something spectacular for Miss Abi, given the fact that my 12 year old shadow was chirping in my ear over his expectations for her for weeks!  So I had to get a bit more clever in food and in entertainment to appease my pickiest critic..... my son!  We played dress up with tissue paper..duct tape.. and aluminum foil,  raced trikes since they all were soon to embark on the open road, hula hooped their way to victory, and ate giant donuts and chocolate mousse shots!

It's another baby!

 It was time to throw another baby shower for yet another cute little gal that was one of my brides a few years ago.  She has great taste and had her mom had gotten a head start on things by gathering up super cute accessories for me to pepper throughout the shower.  From giant chocolate chip cookies as a favor or a little cream soda to go, there was nothing left untouched!  The little BUCKAROO shower was a blast and there was no doubt her guests were not disappointed!  I often want to throw in the towel when I am on the 12th handmade banner and 50 hours into the job, but when I see the end product there is always a grand amount of personal satisfaction.....  then I order pizza for my kids for the 5th day in a row and murmur that I now have to dig out my studio and my kitchen!