Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh boy...oh boy...OH BOY!!!!

 tools to nibble with all wrapped up

 Carmel apple dippers

 Pumpkin cake shots

 Yep... a helium shortage and we still put 200 balloons in the dinning room for our photo backdrop!
 Cutest Grandma to be and sweetest little momma to be!

 Dine with your eyes and salivate with the sweets table
One of my cutest little brides from a few years back is now expecting her first baby, and we were in the mood to do it up right!  Grandma to be knows how to throw a party and cute little mommy to be, loves all the details, so they are a match for any event planner.  The elephant was the theme and we went to town from there!  I can honestly say, there was not a guest at this party that not only loved being there, but stood in awe of everything from the salads, to the desserts, to the multitude of decorations and embellishments.  From time to time I will cater, photograph, design flowers, and decorate the event as well as orchestrate all the particulars.  I don't do that very often given the huge amount of work, and I swear each time I do it, I'll never do it again, but I will always look back and love the final result.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Idaho Bound!

So the cutest cousin of mine got married this summer and because I am the worlds worst blogger, I am just now getting the pictures up!  Obviously she went with the vintage pink, gray , and cream look.... and she did a great job with it!  Now by the time that all the family drama settled and we packed 5 kids into 2 different cars and 1 cranky, nose bent out of shape red head... we were northward bound to help create a little magic..... 
     I must admit it had been years since I had been back to Idaho and it was a blessing to get back to a place that truly changed my life and had lasting influence on every winding road I would venture down someday!  So, we finally roll up to one cousin laying in the middle of her brand new lawn that they had been slaving away at for over a week, since who doesn't love to host a wedding while you are moving in and remodeling all at once.... and the other was smitten with her fiance and staring starry eyed into his mattress salesmen soul!  I know I find myself very entertaining, but at this point I am losing the interest of any of you out there that even read this savory blog!  I loved being a part of her special day and I loved seeing my family even more......
So the 4 sensuous women in the last picture are yours truly, my cutey pie Aunt Judy, the lean mean sewing machine cousin, and the glue behind our family.... my grandma Bea!!!  Luv her to death!