Saturday, April 28, 2012


flower1 flowers2 flowers3

Just a couple of samples of some of the prom flowers I did this weekend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The amazing English Sisters


So all 3 of these little luvies are sisters, and I was lucky enough to do all their weddings in 3 years!  I survived just fine, but bless their parents hearts... 3 weddings in 3 years can do anyone in!  I worked with their mom over the years and I always got a kick out of how she navigated the style, personalities, and expectations of her daughters without missing a beat!  So she has truly earned the badge of Super Mom, and is enjoying the fruits of her labors as she gets to smooch on all those cute grand babies that have been blessing their family!

my hero...

In February I drove back home with buckets of flowers and three little people loaded to the gills with all the finest preservative filled refreshments money could buy to hold my papa Don's hand one last time and say goodbye.  He was my hero,  and had fought the past several months prior to recover from heart surgery that finally ended his amazing life.  There are not words to express my love, gratitude, and respect that I had for him.  Growing up around him, and working with him and my grandmother on the family farm is still such a defining piece of who I am today.  Having the opportunity to stand in my mothers kitchen and create a very small tribute to him and my family was a precious opportunity for me, and it granted me the ability to compose my personal eulogy of how much I dearly loved him.  Knowing that I will see him again someday provides me comfort.  Knowing who he was and what he stood for throughout his life will continue to inspire me to venture forward .... so in his words that ring often in my mind, "nothing ventured, nothing gained!"