Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lauren & Matt .....

There is a story with every event I do.... but this is the one that is dearest in my heart.  Years ago my kids and I were taken in by this little brides family when life was more then a challenge!  They not only gave us a place to stay but they were a huge part in making my children and I smile again!  No matter how busy our lives get, these are friends that I consider a vital part of my personal family.  My boys have been forever blessed because of the influence Lauren's father has been and continues to be as they grow.  I have never been hugged so tight or shared more happy tears as I did when her family arrived to the reception venue.  Lauren created a beautiful wedding and will have a marriage to last throughout the eternities.....  I was just grateful for the opportunity to be the hands behind her divine day!
XOXO to the bride and groom!

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